FS 510M / FS 550M


Microwave-based flow monitoring – equipped with a relay for switching (FS 510) or an analog output for trend measurement (FS 550). These devices allow the safe identification of flow / no-flow of bulk material and powder. They can detect inadequate or missing material, plugs, blockage or standstill. The FS 510 and FS 550 work reliably under challenging conditions, e.g. in dusty or steamy environment, can be used from several meters distance and do not interfere with the material.


  • Flow / no-flow detection (FS 510, FS 550) or trend measurement (FS 550) of bulk material and powder
  • Contact-free measurement
  • Works well even in dusty or steamy environment
  • Suitable for most forms of bulk material, powder, dust, pellets and granules
  • Can be installed within pipes, on conveying belts, fall plates, chutes or at similar transport facilities
  • With relay (FS 510) or analog output (FS 550)
  • Adjustable sensitivity, filter, hysteresis (FS 510 only) and delay (FS 510 only)
  • Compact design, easy installation
  • Unique versions for ATEX / Explosion-protected areas available