Customized products / OEM

We develop and manufacture products based on your own individual requirements and wishes. Thanks to our considerable depth of production, we are able to respond to customer wishes or to make adjustments quickly and flexibly. An experienced team of developers competently and efficiently implements even complex requirements, whilst taking into account the highest quality standards and certifications (e.g. ATEX and SIL).

At Mütec, all products are manufactured with the greatest depth of production, i.e. the circuit boards are fitted with components using the company’s own automatic placement machines and then go through the appropriate soldering machines or soldering baths. Final assembly and quality controls are performed by highly-trained and experienced professionals. In accordance with our ISO9001:2008, ATEX and SIL2 certificates, we set the highest quality standards for our products. Modern testing equipment and climate chambers are used to this end. Every product undergoes at least 24 hours in a climate chamber with pre-defined temperature conditions, and the measurement results are recorded with data loggers.

Examples of customized and OEM products:

  • High speed SIL2 thermocouple transmitter with 2ms response time
  • SIL2 oxygen transmitter
  • SIL2 differential voltage transmitter
  • SIL2 transmitters for very high insulation voltages
  • Moisture probe for the concrete industry
  • High-temperature flow measurement device for bulk materials up to 750°C
  • Bulk material flow switch with 4-20mA output
  • etc.