SIL2 Hydrogen Monitoring

SIL2 Components, Software & Systems for Fuel Cells & Electrolysers

Ensure the safe and efficient operation of your electrolyser and fuel cell systems with our failsafe Voltage and Current Monitoring System. Monitoring voltage and current is crucial for ensuring and optimizing operator safety and extending equipment lifespan. The HVT series by Mütec Instruments are SIL-2 rated High Voltage Transmitters and have become standard for supervising stacks, inverters, and rectifiers in industry-leading AEL, PEM, and SOEC/SOFC installations.

We‘ve partnered with ITP Tzschoppe to offer a holistic and customizable monitoring system, providing flexibility for manufacturers and project teams. It enables detecting even the smallest changes in voltage or current, making them ideal for safety-critical measurements and alarms. Applications include high voltage DC link monitoring in fuel cell powertrains, stack voltage monitoring and busbar symmetry measurement, earth fault detection and current monitoring for rectifiers. Additionally, we offer flexible devices to safely monitor other parameters, e.g., venting and gas concentration sensors, humidity and temperature, ensuring safety in containerized electrolyser and fuel cell applications.