Power Supply Isolaters

MSI 222I


  • 2-channel power supply isolator for a galvanic separated supply of 2-wire-transmitters in intrinsically safe areas
  • Pin-compatible to MC33-22Ex0-i from Turck
  • Intrinsically safe power supply circuit II (1) G Ex ia Ga IIC, (zone 0)
  • Safe galvanic isolation of all supply circuit among each other and from auxiliary energy
  • Output: 4-20 mA
  • Signal response time < 10 ms
  • Linearity error < 0.04% of full scale
  • Temperature influence ? 0.005 %/K
  • Auxiliary energy 24 VDC
  • Form of construction: 19“, 4TE, 3HE


MSI 211i:
Power supply isolator with two outputs

MSI 222D-VE:
2-channel power supply isolator with signal differential generation

MSI 211-VE:
Transmitter power supply isolator