Steel works and power plants

The overriding task in measurement technology in steel works and power plants is the availability and precise dosage of raw materials. This may involve coal extraction to the coal feeder or the availability of reducing agents or similar materials, e.g. in the filtration plant. Due to the very high throughput volumes, the dosage of substances must be analyzed constantly in each of the process stages. In order to guarantee the optimal calorific value of the coal dust or wood dust in the combustion chamber, the extracted volumes in each of the lines to the combustion chamber are monitored continuously. Uneven distribution of material and errors in dosage due to the clogging of dosage chambers are detected and can be corrected. Even the precise dosage of reducing agents, such as slaked lime in a flue gas cleaning plant, can be performed using the MF3000 flow measurement system.
In order to be able to monitor the calorific value of coal or wood, it is possible to install the HUMY3000 moisture measurement system, e.g. on a conveyor belt, a screw conveyor or a trough chain conveyor. Another application is in monitoring the drying of FGD gypsum, to guarantee the optimal pourability and the associated further processing.