High Voltage Discharger HVD 450


The HVD 450 is a unique, wear-free switching and management system for discharging high voltage DC links. Discharging is done through a discharge resistor provided by the customer.

Instead of using mechanical contactors to switch the discharging process, the HVD 450 comes with a unique high voltage transistor which works wear-free. This gives the device a long service life and eliminates the need to regularly replace expensive high-voltage contactors. In addition, the HVD 450 enables intelligent monitoring of the discharging process and stops it in the event of faults

  • Discharge current: Up to 1500 V DC and 8A discharge current (higher currents can be achieved with multiple parallel devices)
  • Discharge time constant: 100ms to 10s, preset in factory
  • Input:  Discharge start signal, DC link
  • Output: Status output, Discharge status, Error signal
  • Supply: 24V DC
  • Form of construction: DIN-Rail mounting, DIN EN 50022