SIL2-Voltage control system HVT 300-DP


The HVT 300-DP is a SIL2-rated transmitter that measures a differential voltage (up to +/- 250 V DC). Typically, it is used in electrolyser applications to identify leakages in stacks, membrane failures or ground faults. It provides valuable insight of the voltage distribution in the process to the operator, allows to optimize the operation and prevents accidents

  • 1-channel measuring transmitter in DuoTec-Failsafe Technology with self-monitoring according to IEC 61508 SIL2
  • Input: 2 redundant halfbridges
  • Measuring range: 0…+/-250 V DC (optional +/-5 V DC) or 0…+/-1000 V DC (HVT 400-DP)
  • 2 SIL relays and 2 configurable relay outputs
  • USB interface in front panel
  • Modbus RS485 BUS connection via DIN rail connector
  • 12 MΩ input resistance
  • safe galvanic separation between input and output
  • Configuration of input, output and alarms with MÜTEC WINSMART software