New SIL2 temperature transmitter for LDPE plants

At ACHEMA, Mütec Instruments GmbH will present its new MTP 302i-SIL-K temperature transmitter for LDPE plants. In addition, the company will showcase its portfolio for level monitoring and flow measurement for the chemical, petrochemical, plastics, water and construction industries at a joint booth with Taiwan’s FineTek GmbH in Hall 11 (G26).

Based on the fast-response temperature transmitter MTP 300

Eike Frühbrodt, Managing Director of Mütec, explains:

“Most LDPE plants worldwide are equipped with our proven MTP 300 transmitter – it is an industry standard. It is the only device on the market that has a signal cycle time of only 3 ms. “

This is extremely important when temperature and pressure rise in an LDPE reactor, as the control system only has milliseconds to open the pressure relief valves. The 2-wire device is redundant, is SIL2 certified, and has a λdu error rate of 4.7 FIT.

If the valves are opened too late, an uncontrolled thermal reaction of the reactants causes the material in the reactor to decompose. As a result, the plant is shut down, the reactor must be systematically checked and the most affected components replaced. The earlier a temperature increase is detected, the smaller the necessary repair effort.

Additional mA signal for temperature range up to 1200 °C

In addition to the responsive measurement range of 0 to 400°C, the new MTP 302 has a second output channel that converts temperatures from 0 to 1200°C into a 4-20 mA signal. This provides a complete temperature profile during decomposition and does not truncate the reading. This allows engineers to better estimate the material stress caused and decide which parts of the reactor need to be replaced. It also simplifies the verification process vis-à-vis the authorities and inspection bodies. The investment in the MTP 302 temperature transmitter thus pays for itself after a short time.

First LDPE plant already converted to the MTP 302

The first LDPE plant of a LDPE licensor from Germany is already equipped with the MTP 302 and the devices have successfully passed all tests. In future licensing projects the use of the MTP302 is recommended. Mütec will inform about this at their booth at the ACHEMA.

Mütec – your safe choice

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